It is our mission to assist seniors with Alzheimer’s, dementia, stroke, Parkinson’s, or other conditions that cause them to have special needs to stay in their home communities with their families or in other community settings by providing a safe, stimulating social environment outside the home for them to enjoy, while at the same time providing respite for their caregivers.


South Bay Adult Care Center is located at the Anderson Park Senior Center.  In keeping with the overall operation of the Senior Center we like to think of South Bay Adult Care Center as a clubhouse.  We endeavor for it to be welcoming and enjoyable for our members.  While as an adult day program we provide for the special needs of our members, the purpose for them should be recreation.

South Bay Adult Care Center is a social model adult day program.  We accept seniors who are ambulatory or use assistive devices to walk.  We can also accept seniors who are in wheelchairs, as long as they can assist with transfers in the restroom.  We accept seniors who may need moderate assistance with issues of incontinence. We cannot accept clients who need nursing care, who are harmful to self or others, or who have significant issues with wandering (ie. cannot be redirected.)


South Bay Adult Care Center is an adult day program licensed by the state of California.  We are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that was established in 1993 by Rena Bogin to fill a need that she experienced while caring for her husband, Seymour, when he became ill with Alzheimer's.  Improving the quality of life of our members and their caregivers is our purpose for existing.
Easter Seals Redondo Senior Program
formerly South Bay Adult Care Center